ECE PhD and Postdoc Lunch Meeting

Get-together lunch for PhD students and Postdoc to present your research.

Info about event


Tuesday 23 April 2024,  at 12:00 - 13:00


5125-313 (Store Stroustrup)

Emilia Mendes is inviting PhDs students and Postdocs for a lunch meeting to take place on the 23rd of April, between 12 noon and 13:00, in 5123-313 Store Stroustrup.

The idea behind these meetings is that either a PhD student or a postdoc to present their research, for a duration of about 20 minutes or so.

Please let Emilie know by email ( and no later than the 12th of April, if you would like to give a presentation.

These lunch meetings are aimed to take place once a month (give or take).