Locations at ECE

On this page, you will find specific information at the individual location.

Finlandsgade 22

To and from Finlandsgade 22

Finlandsgade 22
8200 Aarhus N
Building number 5125


Parking and bike racks

Most parking spaces at AU require a parking permit. It is also possible to park at the parking space next to Føtex, Helsingforsgade. You can create a parking permit if your primary employer is Aarhus University and your workplace is in an AU building.

You can also create parking permits for your guests.

Bikes must be stored at the bike racks behind Edison and Shannon.

Access to the buildings

The main entrances to the buildings Edison, Shannon, Kahn and Nygaard follow the normal AU opening hours. The doors open at 7.30 in the morning and close at 16.00 in the afternoon. To access the buildings outside of the opening hours, you must use your keycard.

If you have questions concerning access to the buildings, please contact the department secretariat.

Key and keycard

You order a key and keycard by contacting the department secretariat.

The key and keycard must be returned to the department secretariat when the employment is terminated.

Building service and maintenance

Regarding normal tasks (waste, technical installations, cleaning or similar), please send an email to STBYG3service.okoplan@au.dk.


You can find the printers in Edison here:

5125 - 107

5125 - 207

5125 - 307

Office supplies, mail and cardboard

You can find office supplies for employees in the reception area room 104.


Each employee is responsible for ensuring that cardboard from packages etc. is disposed of correctly. You have the following options when disposing of cardboard:

  • Throw the cardboard in the cardboard container at the end of the parking lot.
  • Small amounts of cardboard can be left in the bags for recyclable paper.
  • With large amounts of cardboard, you can leave it outside the room and send an email to the secretariat.

Trash bins in the offices

Employees must empty their own trash bin in the office.
Waste “islands” for daily waste are placed in the ends of the corridor.

Herning, Industrivej Syd 9

To and from Industrivej Syd 9

Industrivej Syd 9
7400 Herning

Building number 8046


You can find free parking spaces.

Access to the building

Office supplies

Herning, Birk Centerpark 15

To and from Birk Centerpark 15, Herning

Birk Centerpark 15
7400 Herning

Building number 8003


You can find free parking spaces in several locations around Herning Campus.

View free parking areas

The bike cellar can be used for parking bicycles. The entrance to the bike cellar is next to the main entrance.

Access to the building

Office supplies