Offensive behaviour

AU/ECE do not accept offensive behaviour

In other words, AU/ECE do not accept any form of bullying, sexual harassment, violence or discrimination (see WEA guideline 4.3-1 from February 2019). Everyone at the university is responsible for ensuring that offensive behaviour does not occur.

At ECE, the baseline is, that we do not accept language and jokes that are derogatory or stereotypical, inappropriate physical contact, or sexualizing or objectifying notions of one's physical appearance

Therefore, to create an environment that prevents unnecessary transgressions and inappropriate behaviour, it is important to be aware of one's colleagues' personal boundaries and their preferences in regard to physical contact, personal conversations, comments on their clothing style, etc.

We all have a duty to:

  • object and say no to offensive behaviour – both if you experience offensive behaviour against yourself, and if you witness it
  • help a student or an employee who experiences offensive behaviour. 

As an employer, AU has an obligation to ensure a safe and healthy work environment and this includes intervening in the event of suspected or reported bullying, harassment, violence and discrimination (section 15 of the Danish Working Environment Act).

Managers, supervisors, teaching staff and others in a mentor role or similar role have a particular responsibility to act professionally and objectively in situations in which they are part of an asymmetrical (unequal) collaboration, relationship and power balance.