Concerning teaching

You can find information about teaching, exam and other things related to education on Tech’s staff portal:



Brightspace is the learning platform, we use at AU. You can create courses, communicate with students and much more.

You can read more about the preferred way for ECE to organize and run courses in Brightspace by clicking on the "Brightspace - Good practice" link to the right. The document is written as an inspiration for teaching staff and with the intent to harmonize the way, students see their courses. Though, it is not a demand to follow the procedure.

Teaching Allocation

At ECE allocation of teaching for the coming semesters is planned in close coordination between the Deputy Head of department for education, The Heads of Degree Programme and the Heads of Sections.

The allocation process is ongoing through the year, and follows, as close as possible, the annual wheel, you can see in the Excel-file to the right.

Please be aware that the allocation of your hours may change as the process for allocation of teaching resources for the next semesters progresses.

You can always follow along in the allocation process via the Allocation of Teaching spreadsheets found by clicking the link "Teaching Allocation at ECE".

TA's and Instructors

At ECE, TA's and instructors are allocated by the Deputy Head of department for education. The allocation follows a specific set of guidelines.

Hiring of TA's and instructors must always be approved by the Deputy Head of department for education. 

Click the link to the right to see a description of the proces for allocation of TA's and instructors.

Bachelor projects for BEng students

If you follow the link to the right, you'll find an overview of the BEng Bachelor project proposals for the coming Fall 2023 semester.

You'll also find a template, you need to fill out, if you want to submit your own BEng Bachelor project proposal.