Occupational Health and Safety Committee

On this page you can read more about ECE's occupational health and safety committee and groups, what the committee does and who to contact if you have health and safety related questions.

Local occupational health and safety groups

We have five Local occupational health and safety groups: Office Facilities, Research Labs, Teaching Facilities, Workshops, Workshops/Labs (Herning). Each group has at least one employee representative and one management representative.

Office Facilities

  • Camilla Mikkelsen, management representative

Research Labs

  • Peter Johansen, management representative
  • Søren Møller Dath, employee representative

Teaching Facilities

  • Per Lysgaard, management representative
  • Lars Mandrup, employee representative
  • Thomas Nielsen, employee representative


  • H.C. Jakobsen, management representative
  • Torben L. Jensen, employee representative

Workshops/Labs (Herning)

  • H.C. Jakobsen, management representative
  • Morten Opprud Jakobsen, employee representative

Meeting dates 2024

  • March 5: 13.00-115.00
  • June 11: joint meeting with LSU
  • September 13: 10.30-12.00
  • November 28: Joint meeting with LSU

Documents regarding LAMU

Minutes and other documents from the committee are available on the ECE O-drive.