New Green Guide for laboratories at AU

AU has a new Green Guide with specific suggestions for a number of carbon-reduction initiatives in AU's laboratories.

Please read the recommendations in the guide and decide whether and how you could contribute to a greener environment in ECE’s laboratories.

The guide is divided into four different themes: Energy, chemicals, gases and waste, and it is available at

The Green Guide was prepared by a broadly based working group including laboratory technicians, operational staff and occupational health and safety representatives, and it is part of the Aarhus University Climate Action Plan 2022. Since the spring, the working group has gathered input, tested assumptions and written recommendations for how, through some very simple actions, we can make laboratories at AU even more climate-friendly.

The Green Guide for laboratories has been discussed and approved by the faculty management teams at Natural Sciences, Technical Sciences and Health.

If you have specific questions about the recommendations in the guide, you are welcome to contact Morten Dam Rasmussen, who is the occupational health and safety manager and the chair of the working group for carbon reduction in laboratories at AU.