Upcoming changes to degree programmes

In November 2022 the board of studies for Technical Sciences made changes to the academic regulations for some of our degree programmes.

Here is the full overview of changes:

Changes from spring 2023:

Biomedical Engineering:

  • New academic regulations will enter into force, and after this there will only be one annual winter intake. The first two semesters will be thematised and compulsory with new courses. The theme of the first semester will be Biomedical Signals – from measurable sources to clinical decision-making support. New courses include Biomedical Signal Analysis and Machine Learning (10 ECTS), Medical Imaging (5 ECTS), and the Tele Monitoring Project (5 ECTS). The theme of the second semester will be Biomedical Structures - from medical images to numerical and physical models. New courses include Biomedical Physics (10 ECTS), Medical Image Analysis (5 ECTS), and the Experimental Modelling Project (5 ECTS). These replace previous compulsory courses and specialisation packages, which will be discontinued.

Changes from autumn 2023:

Computer Engineering:

  • There will be changes in admission requirements.

Electrical Power Engineering:

  • The EE1MCP (Microcontroller programming) course will be removed and replaced by EE1IOA (Instrumentation, automation and programming), which has been moved from the second semester to the first semester.
  • EE1PLS (Project, product developing and laws and standards) will be adapted so that EE1IOA can be used in the project.
  • On the second semester, a new course will be set up.

Software Technology:

  • SW2DSD (Digital System Design) will be discontinued on the second semester. A new course will be set up, SW2PLA (Practical Linear Algebra for Software Developers) of 10 ECTS, consisting of SW2ALA (Applied Linear Algebra) and practical use of linear algebra. SW2ALA is a new name for ETALA, and it can still be taken as an independent elective course by students from other fields of study.
  • On the third semester, SW3DOA (Data Structures and Algorithms) will be discontinued and replaced by Algorithms and Data Structures from BSc CE (co-teaching between BEng and BSc).
  • On the fourth semester SW4DAB (Databases) and SW4BED (Back-end Development) will be merged into a 10 ECTS course called SW4BAD (Back-end Development and Databases).

Healthcare Technology Engineering:

  • VIA University College has terminated its collaboration agreement with AU, so the courses that were taught from there will be covered in some other way. An agreement has been made with BIOMED, and in future they will conduct 10 ECTS anatomy on the first semester and 10 ECTS physiology on the second semester.
  • SW2ISE (Introduction to System Engineering) will be moved to the third semester.
  • ST3ITS3 (Programming 3) will be extended to 10 ECTS by including SW4SWT (Software Test), but with a separate exam.
  • SW4SWD (Software Design) will be compulsory on the fourth semester.
  • ST3NVK (Network Communication) and ST3KSS (Communication and Cooperation in the Healthcare System) will be closed.

For all Bachelor of Engineering programmes:

  • E1IKLT and E1MMLS will be merged into a new course of 10 ECTS, which will be called E1LMEK (Linear Mathematical Analysis and Electric Circuits). The exams from E1IKLT will be removed, and one joint written examination will be held during the exam period. Compulsory exercises will be maintained. The academic content will not be changed.