Filing in Workzone

Workzone is AU’s electronic journalising system, and we are all obligated to file all case-relevant material. We all have access to Workzone.

Each employee at AU is responsible for ensuring that all case-relevant material received/sent/created is processed and filed in Workzone.

You must file documents to ensure that the university complies with legal requirements, that it can quickly and efficiently allow access to documents, can make sure that critical documentation is retained and can be retrieved when necessary, and not least can support efficient and cohesive administrative processes.

The ECE filing practice
Filing practice will continuously be established for the case portfolio of ECE, based on the overall AU frameworks and guidelines. ECE Workzone supports in functionality and case processing, please contact:

Workzone is fully integrated with your Office programs, so you can file directly from the usual programs: Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Find more information about Workzone: